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Sebab kalah every time dengan makanan. 

Happy mid-autumn festival in advance! Siapa nak main lantern nanti ajak kita sekali!! :D

"Air sungai pun boleh berubah, inikan pula hati orang."

Sebab tu kena minta Allah jaga. Suruh manusia memanglah. Hati sendiri pun susah nak jaga.

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why you should date me; i’m 6’6 so if we go to concerts you can ride on my shoulders and see everything 

Alexis Bledel is still my Anastasia Steele. She’s perfect to the descriptions. Hands down!

Ya Allah, we seek Your help; we beseech Your forgiveness; we seek guidance from You; we affirm our faith in You; we bow to Thee and we praise You; we are grateful and do not infidel; we reject and abandon everyone who forsakes You.

Ya Allah, You alone do we worship; unto You alone we pray; and before You alone we prostrate in worship; unto You alone we strive and implore; we cherish hope in Your mercy; we fear Your chastisement; most certainly, Your stern punishment will overtake those who reject the truth.

Ya Allah, may honour be with Islam and Muslims. Stop all kinds of tyranny and hostility. Help our oppressed brethren wherever they are. Lift them from their hardships, plagues, war and hostility. Ya Allah, save us from all evil and do not make our place the place of calamity; avert us from any disaster because only You can avert it, Ya Allah.


#PrayForGaza #FreePalestine #PrayForPeace #wxnderlune

Regardless of our religion, race, colour and beliefs, let’s not forget the people of Palestine. Let’s include them in our prayers. 

This is about humanity, this is about us being humans who have a heart that cares, a mind that thinks and a soul that cries for evey single innocent children being killed mercilessly, for every woman being raped. For every elderly being killed helplessly, for the boys being tortured to death. For the parents that lost their little angels, for the sons and daughters who witnessed how their parents died. And for every single person in Palestine affected by the Israelites attacks who lost everything.

A minute of prayer will not cause you any harm. So, I’m begging you, please do offer a prayer for the people of Palestine. That’s the only thing we can do as for now.

#IStandWithPalestine #FreePalestine #PrayForGaza #PrayForPeace

And you will find no fear here, in unkind words or the hardness of others.

And you will find no sadness here, in the meanness of the world, in the anger that comes from those who feel small.

And you will find no hurt here, in a million insults or a single, softly spoken lie.

Because only a hard heart shatters.

Only a hard heart, breaks.


Sesungguhnya Waktu Dhuha itu DhuhaMU
Kecantikannya KecantikanMU
Keindahannya KeindahanMU
Kekuatannya KekuatanMU
Kekuasaannya KekuasaanMU
Perlindungannya PerlindunganMU

Ya Allah
Jika rezeki masih di langit, turunkanlah
Jika di bumi, keluarkanlah
Jika sukar, permudahkanlah
Jika haram, sucikanlah
Jika jauh, dekatkanlah

Berkat waktu Dhuha
KecantikanMU, keindahanMU
KekuatanMU, kekuasaanMU

Limpahkan kepadaku segala
Yang Engkau telah limpahkan
Kepada hamba-hambaMU yang soleh


Ya Rabb, when my bones are lying beneath the soil, and I am long forgotten, grant me those who will make du’aa for me always, tirelessly. Aamiin..


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Jalan ke syurga itu lebih banyak dan mudah, tapi ramai yang pilih jalan ke neraka yang berat dan susah.
Tutup mata, buka hati dan masukkan cahaya iman. Pasti akan terang jalan di depan kerana banyak yang membuka mata, tetapi buta arahnya.

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